How To Stay Motivated For Your At Home Workouts

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Top Tips To Help You Stay Motivated For Your Home Workouts

There can be lots of distractions to help you stray from your at home workouts.  Let take a look at my top  10 tips to help keep you on track.  For even more information about MOTIVATION check out THIS ARTICLE

Find a strong reason why 

When it comes to motivation we are much more likely to stick to a fitness program during the hard times if we  have a really strong reason “why” to keep us going during the hard times… and there will be hard times.  Life gets busy, events pop up and long days happen.  When you have a very important reason “why” you desire to hit your fitness goals, they become much easier to attain.  It is important to find a strong or even an emotional reason why it is so important to us to workout consistently.  We need to have a “why” that is stronger than the pull of the couch after a long day of work your down pillow early in the morning.  This way, when we have low motivation for working out and high motivation for being horizontal,  we can reflect on the reason we are creating a life that involves being fit, strong, healthy and energetic.    Home workouts are no different.  Having a strong “why” will hlep pull you off the couch and get you moving.

Set Great Goals 

goal setting for home workouts

Having a great goal is KEY to motivating yourself to completing your home workouts.  Without a goal to reach for it is hard to stay motivated.  Set a step goal, weight goal, a strength goal or even an activity goal to help you keep your eye on the prize.  

Making these goals visible every day is extremely effective.  Check out my blog post on how to set great goals and create a vision board HERE


You may not believe this bur accountability can increase your likelihood of completing any workout by 2200%!

A study performed at the Virginia Polytechnic University looked at a group of walkers taking part in a 24 week walking program.  Half the group was called weekly to be checked in on to see how their exercise program was going.  The other half received no phone calls.  At the end of the 24 week walking program 45% of the participants who received the phone calls were still walking in comparison to the 2% who did not receive the calls

That’s pretty incredible.  Find someone you can be accountable with even if it is simply an app on your phone..

Use apps

 There are so many fitness apps out there today that can help you stay motivated, keep you accountable and organize your workouts. Check out the streak app: https://streaksapp.com/   

This “to do “ list app allows you to choose up to six tasks you want to turn into daily habit, such as working out.  Every time you complete a task your streak is extended.  Kind of like a sticker chart.   This app is so effective because working on something every day helps you form a new habit. If you break the chain of completing your daily habit  your streak will reset to zero

I also LOVE the FitBit app to keep me moving . Even as a personal trainer I find FitBit challenges to be really motivating.  Using apps for your home workouts can be really motivating and add fun to your fitness program.  

Do you need more motivation in a group coaching home workout program? Check out my Little Black Dress Project HERE

Make yourself a priority 

scheduling home workoutsSchedule it in like any other appointment you would make for yourself  You wouldn’t miss your hair appointment, nail appointment or massage if you could possibly avoid it.   Often you would pay for these services if you canceled at the last minute.  Treat your workouts the same way.  You might even consider giving yourself a “paycheck” for each workout you complete.  At the end of the month you can buy yourself a new workout outfit or shoes with the funds.

Create a space

When you have a special space in your living room, garage or spare bedroom that houses your fitness equipment for your home workouts you won’t have to gather “all the things” just to get your workout on.  You know how it is, by the time you gather all the goodies you find yourself running out of time and losing motivation.  Have all of your tools and accessories in the same space and as a lover of cute baskets and bins, I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a super cute tote for your mats, bands and weights.  A cute set up just adds icing to the cake!  I love bags from Thirty One  https://www.mythirtyone.com/sandpointsandra

Want a free home workout series?

Make it as easy on yourself as possible

Take a moment to look that the obstacles that come up to prevent you from working out and create a work around.  Often we just need to take a few minutes to look at the things that get in our way.  .  Sometimes it’s even good to have another set of eyes to help you see what they see are patterns or excuses you’ve created that seem to keep you from being consistent

Commit to just 5 minutes!

No joke! I know this sound almost ridiculous but I can almost guarantee you that if can just commit to just 5 minutes you will usually stick around for 10, or 15 or 20 and that makes a great workout.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away from a workout I really didn’t want to do thinking” Wow! That was one of the best ones I’ve done lately”  This is often because the pride you get from pushing yourself to do is feels amazing

Get the right tools

You may be asking yourself “How can I build my body without a gym?”.  Well, the great thing is that these days there are so many amazing easy to use fitness tools for your home.  Many are very affordable, versatile and space saving.

Here are a few of my faves:

home workout equipmentSandbag

The Ultimate Sandbag comes with a durable outer shell and  filler bags

that allow  you to change the weight of the bag to accommodate any  fitness level or type of  exercise  (add your own sand or kitty litter). The outer shell provides

seven gripping options for tons of different exercises. Each Ultimate Sandbag Package comes with a FREE training DVD, instructional booklet and wall chart poster. Learn more about the sandbag here

TRX Home workout EquipmentTRX

Another piece of equipment you use anywhere or anytime.  The TRX Suspension  Trainer is a stroke of brilliance!  It runs about $200  but is well worth it’s cost.  Every body part can be trained to help you build muscle and stamina.  The  TRX comes with a door anchor that can be shut in any door or can even be wrapped around a tree branch or a pole.  You can literally train anywhere with this tool.  The company’s website offers a huge library of videos to help you learn how to perform exercises with this awesome tool.

Home workout equipmentT-Grip


The T-grip  bar provides maximum versatility in terms of the exercises you can do and since it’s just one single piece of equipment, you won’t have to make much of an investment to get started.  It comes with included weight plates that can easily be used as dumbbells  – Win-Win!. You can create a number of different high-intensity exercise combinations with this bar, so you can easily get in a full body fat shedding workout.  T-Grip Lite bar is incredibly lightweight. It weighs only 7 pounds, meaning it’s easily portable and can be used in a home gym workout program..  Learn more about the T-Grip bar and the other proucts this company offers here

Lebert Equalizer:

Simplify your home workout routine, and conquer your fitness goals with the LEBERT EQUALIZER Total Body Strengthener™.  It was designed to do traditional strength training exercises for group aerobic classes and is portable for personal training sessions at the club or in-home. The Equalizer targets muscles we love to hate. It works the triceps, lower abs and back muscles like no other. Participants use their own body weight as resistance and decide what level is right for them (resistance is variable as the legs can be used to assist the exercise). The Equalizer is safe and most importantly will add an new exciting dimension to your workouts!

I love this tool so much that I created 5 free workouts to help you get started!

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