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The Fitness Plateau – Why it happens and how to avoid it!

It is almost March 1st.  Unfortunately March is where many New Year’s resolutions go to die.   The dreaded fitness plateau leads many to just give up.   The good news is there are tweaks you can make to keep that body responding and moving forward to the results you want.  Read more

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5 keys to measuring fat loss

So often we hear (or say) the words…”I’ve got to lose some weight”.  Weight loss is a billion dollar industry “helping” us to lose those unwanted fat loss measurementpounds.  But! we need to ask ourselves….what are those pounds made of?  Albeit a little bit gross, consider this:

  • If we take off our leg, we lose weight.
  • When we use the bathroom, we lose weight.
  • When we take off our clothes and shoes ( you know you do it at the Dr. office 😉 , we lose  weight.

Is this the kind of weight we want to lose to look good, feel great, be stronger and have more stamina?   I know it seems somewhat nit picky but we do need to remind ourselves that what we want to lose is fat!  Let’s talk in terms of FAT  loss.

Read more

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10 tips experts use to overcome muscle soreness

muscle soreness

10 Tips To Overcome Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

As a trainer and massage therapist I get asked QUITE often about the issue of muscle soreness.  Like almost every day.  Let me tell you a little bit about it and how you can take care of it…and now I can just refer my inquisitors to this handy article 🙂 Read more


What everyone should know about Vitamin D

We live in the Pacific Northwest where the sunshine is minimal throughout the winter months.  In fact, up here we aren’t able to get Vitamin D from the sun from late September to mid April.  That’s a really long time to go without the very important Vitamin D. Read more

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My 5 Favorite Health & Fitness Apps

fitness apps


There are sooo many fitness apps out there that it can get overwhelming and you can feel like you ar emissing out if you don’t have all of them! Health and Fitness apps can be very motivating and educating so I highly recommend you spend some time checking them out and figuring which ones will work best for you.  Read  through mine and by all means add your faves in the comments and help each other out!

Here are a few of my favorite things… and some bonuses

  1. FitFitBit –   FitBit  offers 8 different fitness trackers as well as the new ARIA scale that syncs directly to your tracker.  I love the fact that it keeps you mindful of getting in more movement every day.  you can challenge your friends to keep yourself and the people in your live accountable and healthier.  As a trainer I always hear my clients say that they need the accountability to keep moving toward their goals.   This is exactly what the FitBit  offers. With trackers starting at only $69.95, Fitbit products make fun and affordable gifts for family and friends.  I also love the fact that some of the trackers will log your sleep patterns which is so important for good health and fat loss as well as having the capability to log your food intake.


2.  Peak Bain games   I love this app because we so often forget to exercise our brain but it is so important.  this app will run you through “workouts” every day that will challenge you problem solving, memory, mental agility, language and focus skills.  It will show you how you have improved each day and allows you to compare yourself with your friends, others in your age group and various professions.  It can be quite eye opening (read: humbling) where your weaknesses lie but I can actually feel things firing in my brain when I use this app!  I highly recommend a cup of coffee first 😉

Other great food log apps are:

My Fitness Pal

Spark People

3.  Think Dirty App (I am giving you the link because it can be quite a precarious one to Google search and I don’t want to stumble you)  The app is put out by the Environmental Working Group and lets you scan bar codes of the beauty products you use and shows you where those products fall on the toxicity scale.  It has been said that we use upwards of 900 chemicals on our bodies daily!  This app has helped me narrow down which ones will be best for my health in the long run!  The app also allows you to make comparisons with other products as well as store a list of your favorites.

4.  Fat Secret   There are many food logging apps out there so Fat Secret is jut one of my favorite.  I like it because it shows you how many proteins, fats and carbs you are taking in at each meal.  Many of the apps out there give you a daily total but I find it is helpful for my clients to get in touch with how many calories and macro-nutrients they are getting at each meal so they know their go-to foods easily.  The app allows you to see whichever nutrients you are most concerned with.  I like this feature as well because we all have different areas we need to support for better health.  Another great feature of the Fat Secret App are the recipes built in to the app!  What a great idea!

5.  Zombies Run! Oh My Gosh!!!! This app is amazing!! Now, this is a paid app but ABSOLUTELY worth every penny!  I am taking this description right from their website because I want to make sure I do it justice…

“Only a few have survived the zombie epidemic. You are a Runner en-route to one of humanity’s last remaining outposts. They need your help to gather supplies, rescue survivors, and defend their home.

And you have another mission — one they don’t know about…”

As you go out on your run you are listening to a story about a “mission” that you are on, you will collect “supplies”, be chased by “zombies” which you can hear breathing down your neck! ,  and in the end you are building your little city with the supplies you have collected during your run.  It’s a motivation, a game, a story and a journey all in one.  I can’t even explain how great it is so you’ll just have to go get it!!

Here are a few more workout apps to check out:

Rip Deck

Workout Hero

There are so many more apps out there but as I said these are just a few of my favorites and I wanted to offer you a variety.  Let’s hear about your favorites in the comments below!

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5 Top Tips to burn fat and build muscle

We’re going to keep this one simple.  I just want to give you my 5 go-to tips for burning fat and building muscle…No nonsense.

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