How To Stay Motivated For Your At Home Workouts

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Top Tips To Help You Stay Motivated For Your Home Workouts

There can be lots of distractions to help you stray from your at home workouts.  Let take a look at my top  10 tips to help keep you on track.  For even more information about MOTIVATION check out THIS ARTICLE

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How Many Calories To Eat

How many calories to eat

How many calories do I eat?

As a trainer for the past 25 years, I get the question about how many calories to eat. A lot.  In the past few weeks as the summer weather is in full swing and people are trying to lose last minute pounds I’ve been hearing the figure of 1200 calories a day pop up a lot lately.  I am not exactly sure how it is that we have gotten so hung up on the number of 1200 calories a day for women but let’s talk about why this is not going to work for most people.

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Balancing Insulin And Cortisol For A Smoother Menopausal Transition

hormones for fat loss

Today we are going to take a look at balancing insulin and cortisol, two hormones that can wreck havoc on both your peri-menopausal state and your fat loss goals if they are running rampant

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Creating Hormone Balance For Fat Loss And Optimal Health

Hormones for fat loss

So many times we think that fat loss and getting healthy is about calories in versus calories out, adding the right nutrition and the right amount and kinds of exercise but we forget about the huge impact hormone balance has on our fat loss and overall health. While those things ARE a large part of the equation, hormone balance plays a major role as well and just might be the thing that is holding you back from your goals.

If you feel like you have been doing “all the things” so diligently and you are frustrated because you are stuck…Stick with me.

This month we are going to dive into how hormones can affect your results and how you can make changes to help bring things back into balance.

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