60 Minute Power Session

In this power session we will lay the ground work for a foundation of healthy eating for a lifetime. I will get to know you, where you are starting from and your current eating habits so we can start you off on a healthier path right away. We’ll cover lifestyle habits and overcoming obstacles that can affect your progress to a healthier, more productive life, including:

Food logs
What and how much to eat
Food habits

You’ll receive PDF worksheets to get you involved in the planning of your path immediately. Once we create a solid nutritional outline for you, we can continue to fine tune it in a 30-minute success session.

$75 1hr session

30 Minute Success Session

Before this session I will review your food logs and we’ll adjust things as necessary. Our goal in these sessions is to teach you ways to keep blood sugar balanced, reduce hunger and cravings while maximizing your energy and fat loss. At these check in sessions we’ll peel back the layers to get you to the next level of eating clean.

I highly recommend beginning with a 60-minute Power session and using these successions as an ongoing improvement and accountability tool

$45/30 min session


Before Missi’s class I would have felt inadequate and unsure of what I was doing in there but now I felt like I had a plan and I was working my plan. It didn’t matter what anyone else in the fitness center was doing–confidence feels good!

- Sheri L

Thanks so much for this Missi .. I so appreciate your effort to keep us eating healthy! All looks awesome and this so helps with planning!

Merry Brown

I feel more energized and sleeping better! The main thing I’ve learned is PLANNING & PREP is the key. I’m becoming more intentional and thinking about what I put in my mouth! Thank you Missi!

Kathy C.

More Questions? Contact me!

Please include, the type of session you are interested in (Success Session, weekly workout session or monthly program check-in) as well as a brief outline of your available schedule & time zone.

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