Join me and the awesome women getting fit at the Missi Balison Fitness private Sandpoint  gym for 10 Weeks to Winter Fitness!

The Winter Fit Challenge Starts September 18th.

Check Out These Bonuses When You Sign Up By Sat. Sept. 16th

What if you could finally:

  • Beat the Berm – Get strong for snow shoveling
  • Avoid the “Cookie Cushion” – Weekly nutrition and wellness habit challenges
  • Eliminate the “Winter Coat” – Keep it in the closet because these fat burning, metabolism boosting workouts will keep you in good form to wear that little black dress to the holiday parties.  That’s right, we’re going sleeveless this year!
  • Slam the Slopes – Get strong and build stamina in all the right places for feeling great during all your winter sport activities
  • Overcome the Ice…  Build a solid core to keep your back healthy and your bones safe as you navigate the icy walkways.