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HIIT Workouts…Big Bang For Your Buck

I recently did a poll with my Facebook community (you can follow my page HERE and my private community HERE ) and found that one of the reasons people don’t workout is they are too short on time.  They feel like a short little workout isn’t going to do anything to improve their fitness so why […]

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Dumbbells Vs. Machines? Which is best?

When it comes to getting the most out of your workout which is best, dumbbells or exercise machines?  Well, then answer is, it all depends on your goals….  Watch the video to learn more or scroll down to get the highlights!

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4 steps to Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau

Few things want to make you throw in that towel than a weight loss plateau! You’ve been eating well and exercising sensibly. You have been gradually losing weight at a comfortable rate of speed . You’ve been humming along nicely for months now when suddenly everything seems to come to a screeching halt!  …The dreaded […]