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Fitness Roadblocks…Will you do the work?

Fitness roadblocks

“If we could figure out what is really going on here, we could create a way around it, a new mindset perhaps and move forward”…We need to move forward. If we are stuck and we want to see change, we need to be doing something different. With just a few questions I can often dig out what the real struggle is.

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5 Essentials For Your Ideal Healthy Life

What is your ideal healthy life? – Here are the 5 essential components to figuring that out

If you are reading this at the time of posting then today is July 13th…That means we are almost exactly half way through the year!
Where did it go?
Just like you I am not exactly sure but what I do know is that we can make one of two choices about this dilemma…We can chose to just let go of our New Year’s resolutions, hopes, dreams and goals and figure it’s too late or …We can rally and figure out how to get back on the wagon… Everything is figureoutable!  In fact, I have a plan to help you figure it out.

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Why you can’t quit sugar – And what you can do about it!

Have you tried over and over to quit sugar?

I find that it can be really helpful to understand sugar for what it really is (which is not good) and what it really does in our body (which is not good either) …So, get ready for some eye opening statistics, facts and woes about sugar.

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