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10 Tips to Fire Up Your Fitness Motivation

In this article we are going to fire up your fitness motivation muscle by taking a deeper look into intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.  

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You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet…Here’s Why!

What to eat checklist

It happens every Monday…The treadmills are filled up with those attending “cardio confessional” after a weekend of gorging on a bad diet and  falling off the wagon.  Unfortunately, their efforts to try to out train a bad diet won’t help because the fat storage hormones have already come and gone. Read more

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Calories vs Hormones for Fat Loss

calculate calories, fat, proteins and more

When I first began my career in the fitness industry, I  wholeheartedly believed that calorie counting was helping people reach their goals, lose fat, and get healthier by introducing them to one simple model we were all taught in our certification courses – the calories in-calories out model which says: Read more

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Habit Change- 3 Steps to Make It Last

We’ve all heard the mantra “It takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit” but we all know that habits are not going to change themselves.  Learning the proper techniques can make a actually make or break that new behavior.  Let’s look at the… Read more