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The Body Love Makover

February Challenge

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JOIN the FREE Body Love Makeover Challenge and start making habits to love the body you’re in and talking pretty to it! Each day of the week will have a theme and a different task will be given for each day of the month to help you create a healthy mindset about your amazing body and the person that lives inside! Read more


Here is what happens to your body when you sit too much – 8 tips to get you moving more

Did you know that the average person sits for 64 hours a week?  I know it sounds unbelievable but when you consider the 8-5 job and the average commute of 25.4 minutes each way (according to the American Census Bureau) we are already up to a total of 44 hours a week just related to work time.  This doesn’t even factor in the hours of time spent sitting while we wait for kids at practices, during meetings outside of work, reading, studying, running errands, watching TV and in church.  It adds up quickly. (Note: I  am walking on my handy homemade treadmill desk as I write this article 🙂

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